Some times wildlife is not all, there is something amazing about the people and the culture. In Kenya there multi-ethnic country will Nilotes ( Highland,Plain and Lake side Nilotes) , Bantus and Cushites ( Southern Cushites and the Eastern Cushites.)  This tells more about the values of the Kenya’s culture all in one. African disciplines are key to the levels of Maturity and responsibility at a young age.

Take a City tour with a real day to day activity as well as  an actual Kenyan village among either the Masai, Kikuyu or any preferred how we treat and use herbal medication that has been used to cure common diseases. In many times a good interaction is weaved to nature and wildlife to create a harmonious environment for communities.

In case you are an investor this tours will interest you as you need to deeply understand the needs of the people and there values both in the rural and urban areas.